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Venue, Accomodation & Travel

The 'Magazzini Del Cotone'

Built in 1926 as a warehouse for goods, particularly cotton, the Magazzini del Cotone building is the main structure in the Porto Antico area of Genova’s historic harbour.

The Magazzini was renovated in 1992 by renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, and has been one of the city’s most popular locations for conventions and events since. It features a one-of-a-kind, symmetrically-shaped auditorium that seats no less than 1480 people, as well as twelve other rooms to accomodate our various needs: a perfect venue for the 2016 Europa Cup of Floristry!

The Magazzini del Cotone is located in the heart of Genoa’s harbour, at Calata Molo Vecchio 15, close to airport, train stations and highways, yet a short distance from the city center as well!

‘Porto Antico’ is a large square in Genoa’s historic harbour, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is over a 1000 years old but was renovated not long ago, turning it into the charming ‘heart of the new Genoa’.

Rome, Milan, Venice…? Mere tourist attractions! Genoa, that is the real Italy! 

Genoa is the capital of beautiful Liguria – a region that ranks among the world’s most spectacular coastlines – and has a population of slightly over 600.000. It is one of Europe’s largest cities on the Mediterranean Sea: a major economic centre as well as the largest seaport in Italy.

Genoa’s weather is deliciously mild year-round, combining elements of a Mediterranean and a subtropical climate due to its somewhat sheltered geography. The city’s history stretches all the way back into the mists of antiquity. In fact, Genoa has been nicknamed la Superba (“the Proud One”) due to its glorious past.

The city’s rich cultural history in art, architecture, music and cuisine receives much praise and allowed it to become the 2004 European Capital of Culture!

Transport & Accomodation:

Our recommended options

We’re proud to announce that we’ve chosen SkyTeam as our Official Alliance Network for air travel. We would like to offer you seamless air travel via SkyTeam Global Meetings to our event. By booking and buying your airline ticket via the dedicated link below, you will benefit from:

• Savings – take advantage of exclusive discounts up to 15% in both Business and Economy Class; no fee for your online bookings.

• Convenience – book the most convenient itinerary online with any of the 20 SkyTeam airlines.

• Reward Miles – earn Miles on your frequent flyer program of a SkyTeam member airline. 

• Valuable services – SkyTeam Elite Plus, First and Business Class customers will experience SkyPriority, our red-carpet treatment, with access to the exclusive SkyTeam lounges.

• SkyTeam network – travel to your event from virtually anywhere in the world with over 16,270 daily flights covering more than 1,050 destinations in 179 countries.

Click here to book your air travel now. (If required, enter our Event ID: 3149S)

There are plenty hotels in the vicinity of the Europa Cup 2016 venue, and you may well be wondering where to stay.

We have prepared an overview document for you listing a number of hotels that we recommend, along with the amenities they offer, their unique selling points and their exact location on the map. 5 of them also offer a special Europa Cup discount!

We hope this will make it much easier for you to compare your various options, and to find the type of accomodation in Genoa that you prefer.

Please click here to download the document with our 11 recommended accomodations!

The Liguria Region:

Liguria is the alluring name of north-western Italy’s famous ‘Riviera’ region. The city of Genoa is the jewel in the crown of this spectacular coastline: its historic and picturesque capital. The entire region, which stretches from the border of France in the west to Tuscany in the east, is very popular with visitors from all over the world.  

Liguria is famous for its mild climate and relaxed way of life which, together with the charm of its old fishing ports and its stunning landscapes, has made it a popular destination for travellers for centuries. Flower lovers may also have heard the term “Riviera dei Fiori” used, due to the area’s long-standing flower growing industry, centred on San Remo. Its world-renowned Flower Market is the most important centre of the floral industry in the whole of Southern Europe!

The Ligurian Riviera can be divided into an Eastern and Western area, both of which offer visitors a tremendous amount of beauty. Whether it is the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Cinque Terre’, a group of five delightfully charming and monumental seaside towns in the east, or the outstanding scenery and unique biodiversity of the region in the west: its appeal is vast and unmistakable!


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