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Expert Floristry Demonstration: Mauro Adami & Marco Introini

08 Apr 2016
16:00 - 17:30
Workshops Room A & B

Expert Floristry Demonstration: Mauro Adami & Marco Introini

“Flowers can truly make your wedding unforgettable. Flowers are happiness makers and put a smile on everyone’s face..!”

Mauro Adami is a real believer in collaboration and synergy. To create something special and to make a wedding unforgettable, it is essential that there is a perfect synergy and collaboration between the suppliers. Mauro Adami recently started the DomoAdami Academy and collaborates with the key-players in the wedding business.

Marco Introini is a floral designer literally born into the floral industry, as his family has a flower shop since 1976. Creating wedding arrangements has always been his favorite activity. He recently decided to follow his passion to fully concentrate his work as a floral designer on wedding flowers.

Marco Introini is a firm believer in quality flowers, so he brings every flower he uses in a perfect state through conditioning with the professional line from Chrysal. His flowers really make a difference and surprise the brides that come from every part of the world to Italy to get married.


Talented young Dutch floral arranger Kim van Hes will be assisting Adam and Marco during their demonstration!