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Will you be shadow judging the Europa Cup 2016 in Genoa..?

Between April 3 and 10, there will be two Judges Certification courses organized around the Florint Europa Cup 2016 in Genoa, Italy. One is a theoretical seminar about the basics of floral design judging, for everybody interested in learning more about becoming a professional judge. The other is a follow-up practice seminar, where participants will engage in nothing less than shadow judging the European Floristry Championship!

Indeed, you read it right: aspiring floral design assessors who have completed the first, theoretical, part of the Judges Certification courses can take part in a one-of-a-kind practical seminar. They will get to shadow judge all the remarkable floral arrangements that the Europa Cup 2016 competitors make, alongside the official judges of the Europa Cup. How amazing an opportunity is that? It will be the experience of a lifetime, guaranteed!

Seminar 1: the Basics of Judging

The initial, theoretical seminar focuses on the fundamentals of floral design judging: the essentials of Florint’s well-established ‘100-points system’ for scoring floral design, how to professionally use that system, and the three key qualities required to be a judge.

While theoretical in nature, that first seminar will nonetheless be hands-on in approach, with lots of live flower arranging, group discussions and group sessions alongside one-on-one problem solving. It will take place from Monday April 4th until Wednesday April 6th, at the Europa Cup venue in Genoa.

Download the Brochure!

Anybody who has completed the theoretical European Judges Certification seminar, organised by Florint or our national associations, can take part in the subsequent practical ‘JudgCert’ seminar.

Update February 23: there may not be enough sign-ups for the theoretical seminar! Therefore, Florint cannot yet confirm that the first, theoretical seminar will indeed take place. Those of you interested in taking part in the theoretical seminar: please do send in your registration form. However, do not pay and reserve flights or hotels until we can officially confirm this seminar around March 6!


Seminar 2: Shadow Judging the Florint Europa Cup 2016

The unique, second seminar will also run for three days, from Friday April 8th to Sunday April 10th. It will focus on actually judging floral arrangements at the most important, technical florist competition in the world: the Europa Cup. Better fasten your seatbelts, folks!

The seminar will cover any and every aspect of the judging process. Participants will be shadow judging alongside the real judges of Europa Cup and the competitors, under the guidance of experienced master florist teachers from the European Floral Design Academy and Florint!

Click here to download the Seminar Brochure with all the details of two Judges Certification seminars. Please note: seats are inevitably limited and registration will close on March 1 – or when the courses are full.

If you have any questions after reading the brochure, please do not hesitate to contact us!